Release Date : January 16, 2019
Format : Digital Download

What’s up! Made purely from my love for hip-hop, is this banger of a mix that will leave you replaying it for days on end! Till next time…stay fresh AND DON’T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE UPDATES ON MY MIXES!!

Follow my story with music. Visit my website anytime & browse through the many mixes available for you to enjoy. This primarily started off as a hobby, but my love for music has brought me here & you as well I believe! You can request a track on the homepage by simply filling the forms you can see there & wait to hear if your request made it to the top of the mix!! Be on the look out for some new content as well & massive giveaways to all my loyal fans! If you need to book me or inquire about my services, feel free to engage me by filling in the contact details on my contact page & my team will respond asap!!


“These mixes helped me, and hopefully they can do the same for you..to make your bad days good, and your good days better.You may think that house music is just plain dance music, or club music, but if only you took the time to appreciate its different genres, you’d be amazed at what a little misinformation has made you miss out on.Not that you have to love it though,because I do respect people’s different tastes in music, but give it a try.My mixes are a blend of remixes of popular mainstream songs you’ve heard before(like rock/pop/hiphop e.t.c), the best(in my opinion), of progressive, electro, bounce and just recently,deep and future house music tracks and finally some random tracks whose genre I have no idea where to place, but they just get me in a trance of some sort.”