I’m a simple guy who cherishes the little simplicities of life as well as the finer things that it has to offer. Music is one of those few simplicities.

My appreciation for it resides in a very deep place in my heart,one that only few can understand or possibly even begin to relate to.Oh the feeling..where to start..Its like this inexplicable mystical energy that engulfs the heart leaving only a gaping smile on your face as a sign that you’re still in there somehow.I’m literally a different person when I have my music around me.Some say it’s a force,some say it’s a universal language..capable of bringing out the strongest of emotions that we so deeply struggle to hide.

It knows no color, It knows no race, It knows no language.But maybe one of the best ways of defining it would be to say :

Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent”
― Victor Hugo


This deep appreciation for house music led me to start what is now The T-Fresh series of mixes.Each mix features different artwork and different music to avoid redundancy,and generally because I’m just weird like that.Some of the mashups I do myself while others are from talented artists all around the world who I believe deserve more recognition than they already have, hence the reason I place a track-list and description for you to support them.The only thing I lay claim to here is the skill to bring both art and music together on one platform for you to visualize and conceptualize.

These mixes helped me, and hopefully they can do the same for make your bad days good, and your good days better.You may think that house music is just plain dance music, or club music, but if only you took the time to appreciate its different genres, you’d be amazed at what a little misinformation has made you miss out on.Not that you have to love it though,because I do respect people’s different tastes in music, but give it a try.My mixes are a blend of remixes of popular mainstream songs you’ve heard before(like rock/pop/hiphop e.t.c), the best(in my opinion), of progressive, electro, bounce and just recently,deep and future house music tracks and finally some random tracks whose genre I have no idea where to place, but they just get me in a trance of some sort.

Each year begins with a new mix titled T-Fresh[The Bungee] and ends with another called T-Fresh the B.O.M.B[Best of My Best].The B.O.M.B is basically a one time mix where I combine all the best tracks from each mix I’ve made during the year that has been, and place all of them into one epic mix to end the year.

Now that you have an idea about who I am and what I do,click on the button below & get listening!Don’t forget to share the music with your pals , or quite simply put, play it everywhere & anywhere!



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