New T-Cast mix ALERT!

Hey guys!
Feeling all types of funky for this one, LITERALLY!
We’ve made it to episode 10 and we’re still going strong!

Remember we do this every Friday at 3pm (EAT).

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6 thoughts on “THE T-CAST EP 10 (FUNK EDITION)

  1. Snakedoc06 1 year ago

    Your mixes are always something to look forward to. keep doing your thing Tfresh!!

    1. T-Fresh 1 year ago

      Means alot man, glad you’re enjoying them coz there’s a lot more in store!

  2. Mel 1 year ago

    really can’t get enough of your mixes!

  3. Mike 1 year ago

    Nimekubali boss, you are the freshest

  4. Valerie 1 year ago

    Can’t wait for the next one 🙂

  5. Ben 1 year ago

    Waiting for another Kwaito one!